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Success Express

It's "Divide and Conquer" as teams struggle to build a multi-unit train. This event is especially ideal for large groups. more info

Habitat Building & Chili Cookoffs

Watch new construction projects sprout while marketing departments figure out how to sell their very own spicy Chili! This one is fun, fun, fun...more info

Night of a Thousand Pastas

Imagine what can happen your group has to cook their own dinner! In this event, everyone ends up in the kitchen, cause that's where the action is...more info

The Rrricketty Raft Regatta

The event that started it all! Perfect for resorts with protected swimming areas. You'll love this great way to break the ice and stir up new friendships.more info

PVC Road Rallaye

Watch your group race cars they actually build themselves -- out of PVC pipe! A fascinating challenge which demonstrates the value of teamwork.more info

Make your next meeting one they'll never forget! Introduce the spirit of friendly competition with Summit's Interactive Motivational Exercises.

"Teamwork Rules" when competing in our events. There's no other way to win! Bring all aspects of product development together in one fun-filled program:

Product Conceptualization
And, of course, the COMPETITION

Your guests will work with their hands, their minds, and each other. In just a few short hours, they'll develop pride of ownership in their creation -- and memories which will last a lifetime!


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