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This event is actually a combination of two popular activities! As with all our events, they are suitable for virtually any location. Freedom of expression couples with a release of the competitive spirit-you won't believe your eyes when you see the end results.

In the Habitat Building competition, many teams elect to build contemporary Native American Ti-Pi's - albeit with many modern conveniences not found in traditional models. Other teams may opt for more modern structures reflective of the event locale. In any case, your Company can count on a clever integration of company messages during the promotional sessions. Our judges always award bonus points for corporate enthusiasm!

The Ti-Pis and other structures are built from heavy canvas and wood posts, then decorated with non-toxic paints. Participants have been known to voluntarily paint their faces! Originality, authenticity, and design characteristics are evaluated during the judging phase.

Part two of the competition is the Chili Cookoff. There are thousands of ways to cook chili, but it's truly amazing how groups can take the same ingredients and come up with such different tastes. Summit sets a sumptuous banquet table with chili fixins, which teams must purchase with "wooden nickels" distributed prior to the event. Everyone likes chili, so deciding how to make it the "Best of the Best" is a true team effort.

Chili judging by your group VIP's is strongly encouraged, although the Summit staff
often risks their lives (and stomachs) by assisting with the judging.


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