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Summit's Premier Event - The PVC Road Rallaye is an exciting program adaptable to virtually any meeting location.
Whether held outdoors at a resort, or indoors in a hotel ballroom, this event will have your participants cheering for the winners of the coveted Chairman's Cup.

Faced with identical sets of building materials, your guests will be challenged to build a race car out of PVC pipe, wagon wheels, and an assortment of household gadgets. It's not an easy task. Initially, most teams are at a complete loss for construction and marketing ideas. There is no "correct" way to build the race cars, so ideas from all team members are freely considered. In fact, no two cars have ever come out alike!

The highlight of the program is an actual race, where cars are put to the test around a specially designed course. The marketing competition gives less mechanically inclined team members the chance to explain their entry's features and benefits - often with hilarious results.

Our professional race staff is dressed in traditional black and white attire, adding to the "official" nature of this event. The PVC Road Rallaye is truly a sight to behold!


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